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„We had high concentrations of germs in the hall climate and in summer a heat problem with sometimes more than 30 degrees centigrade in the production.
After the installation the situation improved considerably. Now we have got a good room climate during the hot season, being always 5 to 6 degrees lower than outdoor.
We achieve easily our objective with regard to the germload in the air.”
Ludger Brüning, foremean in the dairy factory and in charge of investment projects in the division technical planning, DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH, Zeven.

“I have been cooperating with many planners. But the approach to tackle food technological matters, technically adept from the product side like JUST IN AIR®, and then to probe the possibilities together with air condition technicians and microbiolgists, appealed to me.”
Uwe Grünemeyer, senior manager for Technik and Factory, Goldsteig Creamery Bayerwald GmbH, Cham.

“Herr Ohlmann has at his command the necessary experience of our business.
He is sufficiently pragmatical, to propose fast intermediate solutions without losing sight of the longterm objectives”.
Florian Lechner, proprietor Höhenrainer Delikatessen GmbH, Großhöhenrain.

The team of JUST IN AIR® has carried out the measurements in a short time and has evaluated them objectively.
The results were reliable and economic”.
Michael Wolf, general manager Meraner Milchhof, Südtirol.

“Structured optimization measures resulted in an improved hygienic state and in possibilities to simplify the production process which in turn led to an increase in profitability and to an instantly realizable benefit.”
Manfred Petersen, Production engineer Buss Fertiggerichte GmbH, Ottersberg.

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