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If I know the consequences,
I can control the damage.

Crisis management

Food products manufacturers are responsible for their products throughout their journey to the consumer, even after they have left the factory.

For this reason it is all the more important to control, monitor, and document the entire production process.
We will be happy to help you improve safety in this area.

Despite all the preventive measures currently used for maintaining food safety in factories, and despite continuous quality monitoring, the risk of customer complaints, potential recalls, negative press coverage, etc. is continues to grow. 
Being prepared for such a case has many advantages in terms of both traceability and damage mitigation.

With our “what happens if and how do I protect myself" program, we develop a crisis plan for you to keep on the shelf, where it will hopefully remain. If not, you may be surprised, but you won’t be caught unprepared.

Be prepared to mitigate damage.
Contact us before it is too late…