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Description of a hygiene - climatic process analysis

The companies receive a hygiene-climatic process data recording programme sponsored by the Federal Commission for Food Safety and Food Trade in Berlin via the Just in Air® air and hygiene institute®.

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Special seminars customised for companies as INDOOR seminars

Here, your company will receive a specialised seminar tailored to its own interests and employees from experienced practitioners and scientists from the fields of technology and engineering.
The general topic focus is tailored specifically to your company and can be organised both as a classroom seminar and as an online seminar.

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Just in Air® research project also at the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai

The research project NATURAL DISINFECTANTS FROM FOOD WASTES, initiated and technically supported by Just in Air®, was carried out from 2020 to 2022 together with the scientific partner Jacobs University (now Constructor University).

Project engineers: R. Ohlmann, M. Ullrich, J. Ziehma

The innovative hygiene research project was one of the most sought-after as soon as it was completed due to its increasing relevance in food production:

Due to the social as well as political orientation towards SUSTAINABILITY through natural alternatives to chemical products, the Bremen research project was also the driving force at the conference in May 2023 for green, sustainable chemistry in Dresden, where the research consortium was represented by our scientific partner Jacobs University and the Ph.D. student James Ziehma from the project.

The presentation of the flagship hygiene project was so interesting and exciting that DEUTSCHLANDFUNK reported on it:

But it is not only in Europe that the Bremen research project for environmental protection and climate relief has attracted attention.

PROTOTYPES FOR HUMANITY, an exhibition event accompanying the UN World Climate Change Conference 2023 in Dubai, where the innovative hygiene research project was presented at the invitation of the official event management under the patronage of Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairwoman of the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority and member of the Dubai Council.

Out of over 3,000 environmental concepts nominated worldwide, only 100 projects were selected as the innovation of the future, including the Bremen hygiene research project!

James Ziemah, Ph. D., presented the project for the Bremen research consortium in Dubai.

The focus and climate-relevant significance of the Bremen hygiene research project will again be reported on extensively.

We are particularly proud of this international success for environmentally compliant hygiene technologies from Germany, precisely because many of the ideas for the hygiene research project are also based on Just in Air® experience and suggestions from food production.


Together with our training partners, we offer specialised seminars on alternative hygiene technology and optimal air management in food production.

Our seminars are aimed at production managers, technical plant managers, plant managers, maintenance staff, plant planners and quality assurance/management staff.

Just in Air® is an engineering design institute with an affiliated microbiological and physical laboratory.

Founded in 2004 by experienced food technologists and ventilation engineers, Just in Air® GmbH is now one of the leading specialist planning offices in the international market.
The range of services includes hygiene and climatic operating status analyses and optimisations, as well as the planning of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Just in Air® has also made a name for itself in the field of energy and environmental media disposal (waste water and exhaust air) using biological approaches.

True to the motto "We don't follow standards, we define them", the team of engineers and scientists from Bremen has already successfully supported and optimised many companies.


Ingenieurfachplanungsinstitut mit angeschlossenem  mikrobiologisch - physikalischem Labor

What you can count on:

  1. Sustainable food safety
  2. Optimal air and hygiene management
  3. Production waste reduction
  4. Process flow optimization
  5. Energy cost reduction
  6. Prophylactic crisis management with preventive measures

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