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We don’t just follow standards,
we define them!

Our expertise for your success

Just in Air® is a specialty planning engineering institute with an associated microbiology and physical lab.

Just in Air® GmbH, founded in 2004 by experienced food product technologists and ventilation systems engineers, is now a leading technical planning office in the international market. 

Its spectrum of services includes hygienic and climatic operating status analysis and optimization, as well as planning for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Associated with complex process flows, Just in Air® has also made a name for itself in the field of energetic and environmentally friendly media disposal (wastewater and exhaust air) by adopting an organic approach.

In keeping with our slogan, “We don’t just follow standards, we define them,” our Bremen team of engineers and scientists has successfully advised and optimized many companies.


Ingenieurfachplanungsinstitut mit angeschlossenem  mikrobiologisch - physikalischem Labor

What you can count on:

  1. Sustainable food safety
  2. Optimal air and hygiene management
  3. Production waste reduction
  4. Process flow optimization
  5. Energy cost reduction
  6. Prophylactic crisis management with preventive measures

What can we do for you?